Information for Applicants

Project Type and Eligibility

For fiscal year 2013, applications for school revolving renovation funds will be accepted for Priority One: health, safety and compliance projects. Priority One School Revolving Renovation Fund (SRRF) projects include structural roof repairs, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance upgrades, indoor air quality improvements and hazardous material abatement or removal. Retroactive projects (those that have begun work or been completed) are not eligible for funding consideration. In order to be eligible for a SRRF loan, a school administrative unit (SAU) must have completed a School Facilities Management System (SFMS) survey for each building for 2011.

Project Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount is $1 million per priority, per building over any five-year period. Please review your SRRF funding history to ensure your current request does not exceed the statutory limit when combined with past SRRF loans provided for your school building. SAUs may raise additional local funds to support SRRF projects.

Project Budget and Document Development

Project estimates, budgets and bidding documents are to be developed by licensed architects and professional engineers. The Maine Bureau of General Services (BGS) will advise you on the appropriate method to procure these professional services. For assistance please contact BGS. Planning estimates from the SFMS are not sufficient for construction project estimates. The Maine Department of Education will not revise eligibility certificates for additional funding should conditions or estimates change during the course of a project or if the project is delayed. SAUs are responsible for project cost overruns. The final loan amount may be adjusted downward to equal the approved costs incurred at project completion. Surplus funds from a project may not be used for another project.

Project Startup

All SAUs with approved projects must contact BGS upon award notification to initiate their project. BGS will assist with contracting for professional services, reviewing and approving construction documents prior to bidding, and change orders.  Projects over $100,000 must be awarded by competitive bid unless this provision is waived by the Department. A post-bid budget must be submitted to the Maine DOE. All change orders must be approved by both the Maine DOE and BGS.

Project Loan Deadlines

All SAUs with approved projects must contact the Maine Municipal Bond Bank (MMBB) upon award notification to begin the loan process. Loans must be closed within six months of the award date of the eligibility certificate. All requisitions for loan disbursements must be submitted to the MMBB within 18 months of the award date. 

Project Completion

Projects must be completed within 18 months of the award date.