Literacy Links: Monthly Electronic Newsletter

Literacy Links is a monthly electronic publication for Maine educators that provides research-based information related to a number of aspects of literacy education, such as literacy assessment practices, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy—which are included in the Maine Learning Results—as well as essential elements of reading and writing instruction, and literacy assessment practices. Each month a different topic is presented. Research about the topic is shared along with instructional suggestions, web-based resources and additional ideas for professional reading. 

Editions of Literacy Links are frequently recommended in professional workshops provided be the Maine Department of Education and are also referenced in professional learning materials developed by the Maine DOE, such as the Putting Reading First in Maine DVD Series, the literacy micro-courses and the ELA/literacy summer institutes. Educators may subscribe to receive the monthly newsletters.

Newsletters from 2014-15 School Year

  • February 2015 (DOC 651KB | PDF 308KB) Editing and Revising: Developing Effective Writing
  • December 2014 (DOC 659KB | PDF 321KB) Organizing Writing: Cohesive Elements
  • October 2014 (DOC 745KB I PDF 315KB) Organizing Writing: Using Text Structures
  • August 2014 (DOC 777KB I PDF 390KB) Topic: Writing for Understanding

Newsletters from 2013-14 School Year

  • May 2014 (DOC 717KB I PDF 717KB) Topic: Evidence-based Responses
  • March 2014 (DOC 585 KB I PDF 240 KB) Topic: Close Reading Practices for K-12 Classrooms
  • January 2014 (RTF 603 KB I PDF 289 KB) Topic: Close Reading—Components and Considerations
  • November 2013 (RTF, 2.2MB | PDF, 371KB). Topic: Collaborative Conversations
  • September/October 2013 (RTF, 4.8MB | PDF, 449KB). Topic: Spotlight on Maine DOE English Language Arts Web Pages
  • August 2013. Topic: 2013-14 Cross Discipline Literacy Network

Newsletters from 2012-13 School Year

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