Literacy Links Archive

The Maine DOE archives Literacy Links newsletters back to 2005 because past publications are often referred to during professional development events. All newsletters below are in RTF format unless otherwise noted.

Newsletters from 2011-12 School Year

Newsletters from 2010-11 School Year

Newsletters from 2009-10 School Year

  • May 2010. Topic: Frameworks that Promote Use of Multiple Comprehension Strategies
  • April 2010. Topic: During & After Reading Comprehension Strategies for Informational Text
  • March 2010. Topic: Before Reading Comprehension Strategies for Informational Text
  • February 2010. Topic: Reading Informational Texts
  • January 2010. Topic: Home-School Literacy Connections
  • November/December 2009. Topic: Instructional Routines
  • October 2009. Topic: Morphology
  • September 2009. Topic: Vocabulary Instruction
  • August 2009. Topic: Vocabulary Development - Importance and Research

Newsletters from 2008-09 School Year

Newsletters from 2007-08 School Year

Newsletters from 2006-07 School Year

Newsletters from 2005-06 School Year

Newsletters from 2004-05 School Year

  • June 2005 (PDF, 192KB). Topic: Vocabulary
  • May 2005 (PDF, 137KB). Topic: Reading Fluency
  • April 2005 (PDF, 89KB). Topic: Maine Reading First Course
  • March 2005 (PDF, 137KB). Topic: Maine Reading First