Programs & Initiatives

The Maine Department of Education coordinates a variety of literacy-focused programs, policies and initiatives. Maine’s literacy programs and initiatives reach into classrooms and out to the wider community. 

  • Common Core State Standards. The Maine Learning Results were most recently updated in 2011 to include Common Core as the standards for English language arts and math, better preparing our students for success in college, career and civic life by creating deeper, more rigorous and clearer expectations for learning.
  • Cross Discipline Literacy Network (CDLN). The CDLN, created in 2012, provides professional development and support for literacy instruction in each content area. Archived webinars from the previous school year are available as well as information to participate in the CDLN during the next school year.
  • Literacy for ME: Maine’s Statewide Literacy PlanLiteracy for ME unifies the efforts of several state agencies and community groups as well as Maine’s public schools to provide direction and support to improve literacy achievement.
  • Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Maine schools have led the way for more than a decade when it comes to harnessing the power of technology to make learning a customized, engaging and demanding endeavor.
  • Proficiency-Based Learning. A growing number of Maine schools are adopting an innovative approach to student learning—one in which learning is the constant and time is the variable.