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This data FAQ is intended for questions about entering, exiting, and uploading student data to state systems.
You can find help on how to use your local systems at Infinite Campus State Edition and Power School.

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Q: How to enroll a student from divorced parents

Residency is determined where the parents live and not where the student lives. Often in divorced families, this can be difficult to determine. If one parent has sole custody, then the child is a resident of the town which that parent lives. If the parents have joint custody and neither parent has been given “permanent residency”, the child’s residency could be determined by either of the two parents but not both. It is recommended that the Superintendent let the parents decide which parent is to be used to determine residency. Only one town/school district can receive the subsidy count for this child. It cannot be split. You cannot create two primary enrollments.

Q: Where to Get Information Related to the New LEP Module

A: For the 2012-2013 year LEP information has been moved off the Enrollments tab and is now stored in a new LEP Module. This module provides a central location for managing LEP information such as the date the student was identified as LEP, when the student entered/exited an LEP program, when the student is expected to leave an LEP program and First Year/Second Year Monitoring data. For students who exited and/or re-entered an LEP program, historical record is now kept and displayed on the tab which is viewable in both State and District Editions of Infinite Campus. The new LEP module is located under Index>Student Information>Program Participation> LEP.

A complete overview of the 2012-2013 Maine LEP module can be found at: A more technical look at the new LEP Module can be found at:

  • NOTE: Maine will not be using the LEP Accommodations tab

*You will need to have or attain a CampusID and password to access. The links above will take you to the login/sign-up page first and then on to the LEP page once you log in or create an account.

For those Uploading their LEP Data in the Enrollment Upload: New for 12-13, LEP English Proficiency (Program Status in the LEP tab) updates now require an Action value and under some circumstances an EffectiveDate value in the upload as do several other fields. This change is necessary for us to track and report changes in English Proficiency status for students. More information about the use of the Action and EffectiveDate fields can be found at

Questions concerning the new LEP module should be directed to the MEDMS Helpdesk at (207) 624-6896 or .

Q: Do I have to create a new enrollment if a student has a grade change?

A: Yes. End the first enrollment with an end status code 99 (Change in State Reporting Field) and add the new enrollment. It is very important to enter the correct start status in the new enrollment. Please use a start status code of 10 (Grade Reassignment Within Same School).

Q: Where does the Department list any missing reporting forms for my School Administrative Unit/School?

A: Any reports expected but not yet checked in or received are located here:

Q: Where does the Department list which reporting forms are needed and when are they due?

A: All reporting forms and their due dates are now located in the Reporting Calendar located here:

Q: How are the Fiscal Responsibility options used in a student enrollment?

A: Fiscal Responsibility Guidelines can be found here:

Q: What are the definitions of the Start and end Statuses for a student enrollment?

Start Statuses are defined here:

End Statuses (exit codes) are defined here:

Q: Is there a document that defines the data standards for each field in Infinite Campus?

A: Student enrollment definitions can be found in the Data Standards Document located at:

MEDMS Staff definitions can be found in the Data Standards Document located at:

Q: Do home school students count for subsidy on the EPS report?

A: Home school students that may attend a class or two in the public school are counted for subsidy only for the portion of the day they are attending. The fractional count is located under the "Equivalency Instruction" column of the EPS Report.

Q: When should I exit a student?

A: Students should be exited with the date the student last attended. Do not use the current date because each day the student us enrolled and is not in attendance will hurt your Average Daily Attendance.

Q: What are invalid enrollments?

A: Invalid enrollments are enrollments that have been partially created but for some reason or another all the required fields have not been completed thereby making this an invalid enrollment. Invalid enrollments are not counted for subsidy purposes. The enrollment must be fixed first.

Q: Can a student receive a Certificate of Completion in one year and then be a graduate in a later year?

A: No, once a student receives either a diploma (exit code 15) or a Certificate of Completion (exit code 16), they can no longer be counted for subsidy purposes in any future year. If you expect a special education student to return the following year, do not exit them with a code 15 or 16 otherwise they will not be counted for subsidy.

Q: Are students who receive their GED dropouts?

A: The dropout status is applied to a student once they exit regular education and enroll into adult education. The student is already a dropout before receiving their GED.

Q: Isn’t every student counted either as a graduate or a dropout?

A: No. A student that enrolls as a 5th year student hurts the 4-year ACGR because they are not an on time graduate. However they are also not a dropout because they are still enrolled. A student could also attend high school for five or six years – or until they are too old to attend – and never graduate; this student would not be counted as a graduate nor a dropout.

Q: Is the dropout rate the inverse of the graduation rate?

A: No. The ACGR graduation rate is calculated for one cohort – the group of students who enter 9th grade at the same time, regardless of when/if they graduate. The dropout rate includes students in any class that drop out in a single year. If you add the graduation rate plus the dropout rate it will not equal 100 percent.

Q: What is the definition of a dropout?

A: A "dropout" is any student who has withdrawn for any reason except death, or been expelled from school before graduation or completion of a program of studies and who has not enrolled in another educational institution or program. [20-A MRSA Sec. 5102]

The dropout rate is the percentage of students in ALL high school grades who stop attending school in a specific year. Thus the dropout rate includes freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. It is not class-specific.

Q. Where can I find more information about Graduation rates (how it is calculated), Dropouts, home school students and general enrollment information?

A. The Student Enrollment and Demographics page is a great place to start. The address is:

Q. What does the “Validate” column mean on the Cohort Validation Report?

A. The formula used to calculate the Validate column is: School Cohort + TransferIn – TransferOut – Graduated = Validate.

In the perfect world, students will be counted either under the cohort or transfer in column and will either graduate or transfer out therefore resulting in a 0 (zero) in the validate column. The students who do NOT have a 0 (zero) in this column are hurting your ACGR and therefore are the students you should probably look at more closely. For example, if you have a ‘1’ in the validate column, more than likely the student is a dropout and you should also see a ‘1’ in the dropout column. Therefore, students with anything other than 0 (zero) in the validate column should be investigated to make sure the data is accurate. These students may or may not need a change.

Q. Why do some students have an asterisk (*) on the Dropout Validation Report?

A. Students marked with an asterisk will be counted the following year unless they re-enroll in a Maine school and their exit codes are corrected. They do not affect the current year dropout rate but should not be ignored. Please do not remove or write over the asterisk in the Dropout Validation Report.

Q. A student was counted as a dropout in a previous year however we have since learned the student actually moved out of state, can the dropout be removed?

A. No. Unfortunately, the dropout cannot be removed because the data has already been reported to the US-DOE.

Q. Why aren’t the students who exit with code 16 (Completed with other credentials) counting in the Graduated column on the Cohort Validation Report?

A. Students exited with code 16 will count as a Completer for that year on the Completer Report but they do not count in the calculation of the graduation rate. The graduation rate only counts students exited with code 15.

Q. For Foreign Exchange students, what exit code do I use?

A. Foreign exchange students should be exited with exit code 10 (transfer to another country) and will be counted as a “Transfer Out”. If your high school does grant an actual high school diploma (not a certificate of completion), then you can exit them with exit code 15.

Q. I have a home school student who comes in for a class and is enrolled in Infinite Campus. How do I exit this student so student is not counted as a dropout?

A. Home school students will be counted as a “Transfer Out” and should be exited with exit code 13 (Transfer to home school). Do not graduate the home school students unless you actually award them a diploma.

Q. Can I change the cohort year of a student who is returning for a 5th year?

A. No. The cohort year, regardless if the student is receiving special education services, does not change and is set once the student is enrolled in grade 9 for the first time.

Q:Can I upload staff data?

A: Yes. There are three files involved when uploading staff and the information, such as schemas, look-up data dictionaries and sample files can be found at the following location on our web:

Q: Why does a staff member show “No CRC approval” in the Superintendent Reports section of the MEDMS Reports Portal when the Certification Office confirms that everything is up to date?

A: Please check the staff member’s social security number in MEDMS to make sure that it is correct. Often times, due to a mistake when typing, there is a digit off which will cause the mismatch between MEDMS and the Certification system.

Q: I am the local MEDMS administrator and I don’t know how to create a new user account or to reset a password for a user?

A: Select “SAU Users” from the Application menu and click “Go” and select “Add” from the Action menu and click “Go”. Type in the name of the person you wish to add and “Search”. Click on the name in the results and it will open the user account form. Create a username, set a password (keeping in mind the user will have to change it when they log in the first time for security reasons) and set the roles that the user needs by clicking on the role under Available Roles and then on the arrows pointing to the right so the role appears in the Assigned Roles box. To reset a password for one of your users, select “SAU Users” under the Application menu and “Update” under the Action menu. Search for the user and click on the user’s name in the Search Results to open the account. Click on the box that says “Set Password” which will open up the Password and Confirm Password fields. This will be a temporary password that the user will use the first time and then be prompted to change before proceeding. For password criteria, please see the answer for the password criteria question.

Q: What is the password criteria for creating a new password?

A:Passwords must be at least 6 characters or more and cannot contain your first or last name. There must also be at least one uppercase letter and at least one number.

Q: How do I gain access to MEDMS?

A: Contact your local MEDMS administrator first. The MEDMS administrator is the person in your district who has district-wide access to staff data. He/she must create a staff record for you in MEDMS before giving you a username and password.

Q: I’m trying to change the status of a state reporting field and it says the “Effective Date must be after the enrollment start date” even though the date I am using is after the start date?

A: This error will appear for two reasons. Infinite Campus needs a specific format for the Effective Date. Therefore, if you entered a date of 7/2/12 instead of 07/02/2012, you will receive this error and correcting the date to be a two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year (mm/dd/yyyy) will correct this problem. If you have entered the date in the correct format, please check the school you have selected at the top. If you have “All Schools” selected at the top, Infinite Campus cannot make this change. Selecting the correct school from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then resubmitting the changes will correct this problem.

Q: Can I continue to upload if I have errors in either my Student Personal or Student Enrollment file?

A: Yes. The Student Personal and Student Enrollment files can be both be imported before all of the errors are fixed. When you load the file, all of the students who are do produce an error will be sent and therefore schools may choose to do this to get the majority of their students enrolled and then go back and clean up the errors after.

Q: Is there a list of import errors and what they mean?

A: Yes, a detailed list of common errors can be found at . If you have an error that does not appear on this list and you are not sure how to fix it, please contact the help desk at 207-624-6896.

Q: How do I get the State Student IDs of the new students I just imported?

A: You can find the State Student IDs one of two ways. If you have imported a large number of new students, please view the “Upload Results – Student Personal” file under the ME State Reporting section on the Index tab. This will generate a csv file of the students with their local student IDs as well as their State Student IDs which can be used to import back into your local student information system (this file is district-wide). If you do not see your new students, please make sure that you selected “Load Partial File” when importing the file (choosing to Validate and Test a file does not actually send the data). Also, please check the csv or xml file that you imported to make sure the new student was included in the file. The other way to find the State Student IDs, if you only have a few students to look-up instead of a large number, would be to manually search for the students using the Student Locator under Student Information on the Index tab. You can then copy and paste the State Student IDs into your local system (it is not recommended that you manually type the State Student IDs to prevent data entry mistakes).

Q: I am ready to upload. Do I import the Student Personal or Student Enrollment file first?

A: It is highly recommended to import the Student Personal file first. By successfully importing the Student Personal data, you will create/obtain State Student ID numbers for new students as well as create a current Identity for the student for your district. Without this Identity, you will have difficulties finding students later under the General search. Once you have all of the State Student IDs necessary to complete the enrollment, you can import the Student Enrollment file second.

Q: How do I know if the student’s previous school has exited the student?

A: Using the Student Locator, which can be found on the Index tab under Student Information, you can search for the student you wish to enroll. Before clicking on the student, you can place your mouse/pointer over the student’s name and a box should appear indicating the name of the district and school as well as the start date. If the school has exited the student, the exit date will also be listed. If the exit date listed is a future date (example: 6/30 of that school year), the school has not exited the student properly.

Q: The student is Hispanic but I have to select a race in Infinite Campus. What do I choose?

A: Regardless of what is selected for Race, the student’s Federal Designation will be reported as Hispanic. However, Federal guidelines require that all students’ parents/guardians or the students provide an answer for both Race and Ethnicity. If the parents/guardians or students refuse to provide an answer for race, school staff, preferably one staff member who is designated as a School Observer for all students, must make the selection. Detailed information about Race and Ethnicity can be found on our web at: . There is a guide for both School Staff and Parents/Guardians (offered in several languages).

Q: What Fiscal Responsibility do I use?

A: There are several choices that are best described on the following document listed on our web at: . If you need further explanation or help in determining what choice is best for the student you are enrolling, please contact the help desk at 207-624-6896.

Q: The student was supposed to leave our district but the family has changed their mind. The student was already exited. Do I have to add a new enrollment or can I remove the exit date so that the student shows he/she never left?

A: You can remove the end date and end status in this instance by navigating to the student’s Enrollments tab, opening the enrollment listed in the Enrollment Editor, and removing the End Date and End Status fields and saving the changes.

Q: Why are there two enrollments listed on the Enrollment tab for a student? The student did not leave and I did not exit the student.

A: If you changed one of the state reporting fields for a student, such as resident town/resident SAU, fiscal responsibility, lunch eligibility, language Proficiency or special education status, Infinite Campus automatically creates a new enrollment with the effective date used when changing the data. The enrollments are exited one day and restarted the very next day so they are considered a continuous enrollment and are acceptable. Without the two (or more) enrollments, we will not know, for reporting purposes, when this data changed.

Q: How do I change the last name of a student or correct the birth date, gender or race/ethnicity of a student in Infinite Campus?

A: On the Index tab, click on Census and then click on People. If you did not already have the student’s record open, you will be brought to the search tab where you can type in the last name of the student and click “GO” to search for the student. If you were already on the student’s record the screen will refresh to reveal a new tab called Identities. Click on the Identities tab. Depending on what you want to do, you will either create a new identity or edit the current identity. If you are changing the last name, click “New”, make the last name change and then “Save”. This will keep the student’s previous identity but will add the new identity as the most current (this historical identity is important since the student will have most likely participated in assessments or have been counted on a specific report with the previous last name). To correct a birth date, gender or the race/ethnicity of a student, do not add a new identity but simply click on the identity identified as current (marked with an “x”) in the Identities Editor. This will open the current identity where you can make the correction and “Save”. This will overwrite the current identity with the correct information.

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