Technical Skills Standards Implementation Timeline

Implementation in Maine, 2000-2016

Statewide standards defined. These original standards are archived and can be made available upon request.

Maine Career and Technical Education (MACTE) directors selected industry standards for all tech groups.

Maine secondary career and technical education (CTE) centers and regions continued the process of selecting the one to two standards for each of their programs as discussed and agreed upon in tech updates. Maine Department of Education CTE staff worked with the programs that had not yet selected any standards.

Common statewide standards in each secondary CTE program area statewide (one to two per program) were determined, adopted and implemented by all Maine CTE centers and regions.

Per State of Maine LD 1779 “An Act to Update Career and Technical Education Laws,” which is now State Statute 20-A, ยง 8306-B, “Approval of programs and courses; industry standards”, all Maine CTE directors identified State-approved industry standards currently in use as the basis of CTE instruction for each program at his/her CTE center or region for formal approval by the Commissioner of Education.

Common statewide assessments will be selected for all statewide selected standards at all secondary Maine CTE centers and regions. These will be adopted and in use in all programs.