Schools & Programs

The Maine Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education is responsible for the State’s oversight and support for the delivery of all career and technical education provided in Maine. This includes the management of the federal Carl D. Perkins grant and the accountability measures that must be reached to receive the funding.

The Maine DOE has compiled the following information and tools to help career and technical education (CTE) administrators and educators operate CTE schools and programs.

  • Articulation Agreements & Programs of Study. Articulation agreements provide the framework for secondary CTE schools and programs to link to a similar postsecondary program at one of Maine's community colleges. These agreements allow students to earn dual college or escrow credits while in high school. Programs of study are planned sequences of courses that integrate high-quality core academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills and knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary CTE education and careers.
  • Cooperative Education. Information regarding work experience programs.
  • CTE Program Self-Evaluation. Programs offered in CTE schools change over time as the needs of the students and industry change. Keep track of those changes using the following tools:
  • CTE School Contact Information. List of CTE schools in Maine, including their websites, mailing addresses and telephone numbers.
  • CTE Teacher Certification/Endorsement in Maine. This page provides information for individuals interested in becoming certified to teach in Maine's secondary Career and Technical Education centers/regions.
  • Maine Certified Industry Standards. A statement of knowledge and skills that students should possess at critical points in their educational career.
  • Methods of Administration (MOA). The Department conducts CTE site visits as part of its Vocational Education MOA civil rights compliance of districts that receive federal funding.
  • New Program Guidelines (PDF, 23KB). When a CTE school wants to start a new program, specific guidelines must be followed.
  • Perkins Grant. CTE schools must annually submit a grant application to indicate how they will use Perkins funds. Learn how and when to apply.
  • Programs and Standards. Sortable list of CTE centers/regions along with approved programs and state-approved industry standards.
  • School Reviews. The Department reviews CTE schools on a regular basis. This page contains a list of completed reviews along with information about what a school can do to prepare for the visit.
  • Student Organizations. A number of organizations are open to students at CTE schools. These groups offer students an opportunity to improve their leadership skills while furthering their education.