The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following career and technical education (CTE) resources that educators, students and the public may find helpful as part of our commitment to supporting all students in Maine's learning community.

  • Advocacy for Career and Technical Education. Two national organizations have produced a variety of tools to help promote and advocate for CTE in Maine and across the nation.
  • Applied Learning for Middle School Students. Lesson plans for middle school students created per LD 370. Jobs for Maine's Graduates (JMG) led this work with the help of many partners. The lesson plans are geared toward industry presentations to the students and combine several hands on, applied learning opportunities.
  • Common Career Technical Core. National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium has coordinated the effort to establish a set of rigorous, high-quality standards for CTE that states can adopt voluntarily. Maine supports these standards but has not adopted them.
  • CTE Acronyms. Learn CTE's many related acronyms.
  • CTE Glossary of Terms (PDF, 86KB). This list provides definitions of a wide variety of terms used throughout CTE.
  • CTE Handout (PDF, 591KB). This flyer offers a snapshot of CTE in Maine. Schools may print this flyer to educate families and communities about CTE.
  • CTE Teacher Certification/Endorsement in Maine. This page provides information for Individuals interested in becoming certified to teach in Maine's secondary Career and Technical Education centers/regions.
  • Early College (formerly known as Bridge Year). LD1412, Chapter 318, An Act To Create an Educational Collaborative Partnership To Implement a Program That Enables Career and Technical Education Students To Earn College Credits while Attending High School.
  • Framework for State of Maine Career Clusters and Pathways (PDF, 366K). A visual representation of the interrelated CTE programs offered at Maine secondary schools and community colleges.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Maine CTE. Provides answers to the most often asked questions regarding CTE in Maine.
  • Maine Career Clusters. The 10 clusters Maine has chosen to use provide a structure for organizing and delivering quality CTE programs.
  • Maine Certified Industry Standards. Each Maine CTE Program has adopted one or more national or state-level standards tied to the needs of business and industry.
  • Maine Department of Labor
  • Maine Learning Results. The Maine Learning Results have been updated to include the Common Core State Standards. Maine is one of 45 states to adopt these internationally benchmarked expectations for student learning in math and English language arts.
  • Perkins Grant. CTE schools must annually submit a grant application to indicate how they will use Perkins funds. Learn how and when to apply.
  • Programs and Standards. Sortable list of CTE centers/regions along with approved programs and state-approved industry standards.
  • Survey. Results of CTE opinion survey developed, conducted and produced by Kristin Bishop, student member of the Maine State Board of Education. All CTE schools have permission to replicate.