Summary of Maine Laws Passed 2011-12

The following Maine bills were passed during the 2011-12 Legislative session and directly relate to school counselors. If you would like more information on any of these bills, visit the Maine Legislature website and type in the corresponding LD number.

LD 1237 - An Act to Prohibit Bullying in Schools (passed and signed by Governor) PL Chapter 659

  • Adopt or revise Bullying and Harassment policy by Aug. 2012
  • Include Cyberbullying in definition of bullying
  • Document incidences of bullying
  • Train educators in “best practices”
  • Report to DOE on incidences of bullying and harassment

LD 1503 - An Act to Promote School Attendance and Increase School Achievement (passed) PL 614

  • Establishes target goals for graduation rates by specific dates
  • Defines truancy for elementary, middle and high school students
  • Defines mandatory age for school attendance
  • Gives guidelines for due process expulsion and re-entry plans

LD 1673 - An Act to Prohibit Verbal Sexual Solicitation of a Child (passed) PL Chapter 597

  • Includes solicitation as both verbal and electronic
  • Defines the age of a perpetrator and victim
  • Distinguishes between a Class C and Class D crime

LD 1705 - An Act to Create a Task Force on Prevention of Sexual Abuse (passed and signed by Governor) PL 162

  • Task force will be formed comprising of legislative members, private and public agency staff and victims
  • The Task Force will submit a report by Nov. 2012 with findings and proposed legislation to legislature

LD 1770?- An Act to Encourage Parental Involvement in Education (passed and signed by the Governor) LD Chapter 571

  • All schools will develop a parental involvement plan by the 2013-14 school year
  • Details of the plan are in the bill

LD 1838 - Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of CH 33 ? Regulations Governing Timeout Rooms, Therapeutic Restraints and Aversives in Public and Approved Private Schools (passed and signed by the Governor) LD 1838 (HP 1360)

  • Defines restraint and seclusion in schools
  • Guidelines for restraint and seclusions and prohibitive uses
  • Data Collection for Incidences
  • Reports to DOE
  • Complaint process for parents

Education bills brought forth by the Governor and Commissioner of Education

Please visit the Putting Students First website for more information on the following bills.

LD 1858 - An Act to Ensure Effective Teaching and School Leadership (passed and signed by Governor) PL Chapter 635

  • Establishes the Maine Educator Effectiveness Council to provide guidance and technical assistance to schools around Teacher Evaluation
  • All schools will develop evaluation and professional growth systems for educators
  • DOE must approve these proposed systems

LD 1866 - An Act to Remove Inequity in Student Access to Certain Schools (religious schools)

  • Did not pass.

LD 1854?- An Act to Expand Educational Opportunities for Maine Students (passed) PL Chapter 651

  • School Choice Bill
  • Completely changed from the original bill
  • DOE will convene a stakeholders group to develop a public school choice model
  • School boards of 2 or more SAU’s may adopt mutual policies allowing transfer of students
  • DOE will clarify the law with regard to existing Supt. agreements

LD 1865?- An Act to Enhance Career and Technical Education (passed and signed by Governor) Chapter 686

  • Regional School Calendars and CTE calendars
  • Nature and amount of college credit awarded to a CTE student

LD 1422?- An Act to Prepare Maine People for Future Economy (passed and signed by Governor) PL Chapter 669

  • Standards-Based Education and Diploma
  • Mandate preamble removed
  • DOE must provide funding to transition to the proficiency-based diploma
  • Implementation by 2017