Healthcare Providers

This is a brief list of links and documents to help healthcare providers with training, information, and current recommendations in the management of concussion.  We encourage providers to use these as a starting point, and to continue their education across the spectrum of diagnosis, management of symptoms, rehabilitation, and return to learning and physical activity from this injury. Concussion management is a team process including providers, school nurses, teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, parents, physical and occupational therapists, etc. We caution everyone that this injury is different in children and adolescents (under 21) than adults, and that guidelines/recommendations for children under 10 are scarce. The CDC should be coming out with a white paper by the end of 2013.  We will update the page when it is available.

Training resources for concussion evaluation, management, and rehabilitation

While the links are for provider specific training, all are strongly encouraged to take the coaches and parent training modules

Forms and Tools

The CDC forms are the most widely used for both office evaluation and communicating with schools regarding academic restrictions/recommendations. Included is the return to work form:


Links for more information and a look at other states with concussion laws