Teachers & Administrators

The health and wellness of students have always been important factors influencing learner achievement. The Maine Department of Education--in conjunction with educators, families, healthcare providers and coaches--is committed to helping students prevent, manage and recover from concussions.

Students who experience a concussion will require some temporary modifications to school work as they recover from the concussion. An uncomplicated concussion may resolve in a few weeks. During the recovery time, a concussed student will need cognitive rest and gradual return to full academic function. A team of healthcare professionals, including the school nurse, will work to get a concussed student back to full function.

During the recovery period, a student may experience headaches, increased sensitivity to lights and noise and/or temporary loss of focus or difficulty concentrating. If any of these symptoms occur during class, please send the student to the school nurse for assessment and follow-up. The following resources are will assist you in working with students who have experienced a concussion.



The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide the following short podcasts to help the public learn more about concussions.