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The health and wellness of students have always been important factors influencing learner achievement. The Maine Department of Education in conjunction with coaches, athletic administrators, families, healthcare providers and educators is committed to helping students prevent, manage and recover from concussions.

A student's recovery from a concussion is a delicate process. That recovery varies from student to student. It is important that concussed students avoid athletic activity during recovery as such activity can endanger the recovery process and aggravate concussion symptoms. The following resources are provided as guidance for athletic administrators, trainers and coaches
to manage head injuries related to school activities and athletics.



CDC Resources

  • CDC Injury Prevention & Control: Traumatic Brain Injury. All the information for concussion management from the US CDC is located here. Many sections are highlighted below.
  • Heads Up Concussion Wallet Card. This downloadable wallet card is a quick sideline reference for coaches working with student athletes.
  • Heads Up Guide for Coaches. This is the CDC HEADS UP guide for coaches. It includes information necessary to keep students safe when participating in sports.
  • ACE Physician/Clinician Office Version. A CDC sideline assessment tool to be used by a medical professional, athletic trainer or trained school nurse.
  • ACE School Version. This screening tool helps guide the return to school process and used by the professional to guide student recovery. The ACE form is a form that is given to the student-athlete and pa rents/guardians to take with them for physician to complete. Once completed t he form is given back to the student-athlete and pa rents/guardian to be returned to the school.
  • Heads Up to Schools: Know Your Concussion ABCs. Find multiple resources related to students returning to school after a concussion.