Educational Technician Authorization

Educational technicians provide supportive educational services to certified personnel in K-12 schools or to credentialed personnel in early childhood educational or developmental programs from birth to school age 5 for children with disabilities.

If you are currently certified in Maine as a teacher (other than career and technical education or adult education), educational specialist or administrator, you do not need to apply for an educational technician authorization. You may serve as an Educational Technician I, II or III without further authorization, as long as you hold a valid certificate.

To apply for initial educational technician authorization, please follow the five steps below.

  1. Determine which level of educational technician you're applying for
  2. Complete and sign application
  3. Enclose credits of approved study (see below for definition of "approved study")
  4. Enclose non-refundable fee
  5. Enclose explanation of application questions to which you answered "yes"
  6. Submit application

You may receive an evaluation for authorization before having your fingerprints taken. However, prior to being issued any type of Maine certification, you must have your fingerprints taken through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education. Please visit our Fingerprinting web page for more information.


Levels of Educational Technicians

  • Educational Technician I: requires that you have your high school diploma or GED.
  • Educational Technician II: requires that you have 60 credits of approved study.
  • Educational Technician III: requires that you have 90 credits of approved study.



Download and fill out the Educational Technician Authorization application (DOC, 34KB).


Credits of Approved Study

Please attach an official college transcript of your credits of approved study. We do not accept copies of transcripts, scanned transcripts, or computer-generated grade reports.

Credits of approved study may be in the form of:

  • Semester hours or continuing education units (CEUs) issued by a college or institution
  • In-service credits or in-service contact hours (not including registration, lunch and breaks), which must be verified locally (submitted with the signature of an authorizing official)
  • Contact hours issued by other professional organizations (Red Cross, Spurwink, Government)
  • Please contact our office if you have questions about your credits/hours being applicable.

Conversion of credits to approved study:

  • 15 hours = 1 credit =1.5 CEUs



To apply for educational technician authorization, you must pay a non-refundable $25 application fee and enclose it in your application packet. Please make checks payable to "Treasurer State of Maine." You may also elect to use a credit card, in which case you may write your card number and expiration date directly on your application.


Explanation of "Yes" Responses

If you answered yes to:

  • Question 1: For each conviction, attach a brief explanation stating the date and nature of the conviction. If additional information is requested from the Maine DOE, you may need to provide attested copies of the Judgment and Commitment papers (including probation conditions). These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts by which you were convicted.
  • Question 2 and/or 3: Attach an explanation for each situation.


Submit Application

Send all of your application materials together in one package. Incomplete applications will cause delays. If you are eligible, you will receive your authorization within four to six weeks. However, additional time may be needed to review criminal conviction information if applicable.

Mail to:

Department of Education
Certification Office
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023