Denial Reasons & Codes

The following codes may be included on your check stub (or remittance advice for EFT payments). These codes, with description, are provided as explanation for variation in CDS payment of provider invoice.

ID Description ID Description
CFC Child file closed NPC No pending claim list received
CFT Child file transferred NRR No Report Received
CNS Child not in CDS system NSS No summer services
DC Duplicate charge PF Paid in Full
DNAM Did not attend meeting REOB Resubmit with EOB (explanation of benefits)
FI Exceeds Frequency/Intensity on IFSP SNR Service not referred by CDS
IEE Insurance EOB exceeds CDS contract rate SNS Service not specified on IFSP
INS Bill Insurance TBA Therapy billed in advance
MC Bill Maine Care TE Therapy ended
ME Mathematical error TEA Travel to ECT not allowed
MOS Method of service TET Travel exceeds 30-day time limit
NEOD No Evaluation On This Date UBF Unacceptable billing format-resubmit
NMD No make-up date(s) listed WRC Wrong rate charged
NMOD No meeting on this date VH Vacation/Holiday