The Career and Education Development Standards are part of the Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction (MLR), which took effect in 2007. It is important for students that the knowledge, skills and behaviors of career and education development be connected to the context of schools, career and community. Although stand-alone courses in career and education development may serve to help students focus on career, college and citizenship goal, all content areas need to embed career and educations standards to enable students to make the connection between content areas, schoolwork, careers and college and citizenship goals. Districts should determine the most appropriate content areas and school settings in which to embed these standards.

Deep connections exist between career and education development and every content area. These connections emphasize the importance of goal setting, decision-making and habits of mind with in the authentic contexts of learning other content areas and related school experiences. Beyond these connections, there are significant connections between the MLR standards of Career and Education Development and those of Health Education, Social Studies and Visual and Performing Arts.


Note: Career preparation materials for comparing the 2007 Maine Learning Results to the 1997 Maine Learning Results are available upon request from the Career and Education Development Specialist.