Number Skills for College

The intent of this syllabus is to provide adult education program administrators and instructors a suggested core and title for the provision of a transition math class. It is expected that this class will match the needs of adult learners to prepare for and develop skills for placement testing and success in college level math courses, and to avoid the repetition of a basic developmental course at the post secondary level.

Suggested contact hours: 45-60

Course Description
The Transition Curriculum is designed for high school graduates or GED recipients who intend to or are applying to post-secondary institutions. This course covers the basic arithmetic of whole numbers, exponents and roots, the order of operations, fractions, decimals, percents, ratio and proportion, measurement and units, integers, geometry, simple statistics and includes applications that use those topics. Students will learn to work with and without the use of a calculator.

  • Use whole numbers in the four basic arithmetic operations (+, -, x, /)
  • Use simple exponents and the order of operations
  • Use fractions in the four basic operations
  • Use decimals in the four basic operations and round
  • Calculate square roots of perfect squares and estimate square roots of decimals
  • Find ratios and solve proportions
  • Calculate percents and solve the three kinds of percent problems
  • Perform simple financial calculations, such as unit cost, discounts, taxes
  • Calculate simple interest and percents of increase/decrease and profit/loss
  • Make and understand graphs and tables of data
  • Calculate the mean, median and mode of sets of data
  • Make measurements using the metric and U.S. systems and perform unit conversions within and between the systems
  • Perform the four basic operations with integers and rational numbers
  • Perform geometric calculations using angles, perimeter, area and volume

Suggested Text and Materials

  • Math Problem Solver, 2nd Edition, Mary Manly, Contemporary Books (Item # 007 294 3009)
  • Basic College Mathematics, K Elayn Martin-Gay. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. (ISBN # 0-13-067699-3)
  • Figure It Out, Book 2 and Book 3, Mary Wallace. Original pub. Cambridge Adult Education, Prentice Hall, 1981, out of print. (Title owned by Pearson, application for rights being searched 2005 by Transition Project - ISBN # 0-8428-2286-0)
  • EMPower Mathematics, Key Curriculum Press.
  • The York County Adult Education Math Curriculum Framework is available; completion of Tier I is recommended.

Placement Testing
Based on current admissions procedures at the Maine Community College System, various cut scores are required at individual campuses. Placement into a Number Skills for College course or program of study is recommended for students scoring less than 60 on the arithmetic section of the Accuplacer examination or scoring less than 490 in math in a recent (within one year) GED test. These scores closely align with a 10.0 GE or 580 Scale Score on the TABE A.

SMCC Math Syllabus, MAT 020
USM Math Content, MAT 009
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