Plan Form - Preliminary Draft Guidance


Current Activities

New Activities

Partnerships and

  1. List current partners
  2. Describe the details of the partnership
  3. Indicate if partnership is formalized in writing
  4. Provide example of written agreement as attachment

NOTE: To ensure alignment of services, programs must know what the entry-level knowledge and skills are in order for students to transition into that next step, whether it’s advanced training, post-secondary programs or employment, describe how you ensure (or will ensure) that your services are aligned to these next steps.

  1. Describe how, if at all, your program would like to strengthen or enhance existing
  2. List desired new partners
  3. Describe desired details of new partnerships and your intent to formalize them


Describe how students are engaged upon entry (i.e., what do students go through) toward educational activities guided by a learning plan and how this process reflects students’ education, career and life goals.

Describe how you plan to enhance this process, if at all.

NOTE: Some programs have redesigned their entire service delivery model as a result of this process. An idea might be to think about how students flow through your program based on the services you provide and map it out
visually from entry to exit into transition.

Individual Learning Plan

Does your program currently use some type of individual learning plan (ILP)? If so, describe what is included in the ILP and how it is developed and used for and with the student. How often is it reviewed and revised? Does the ILP your program currently uses include those items indicated on the Planning Form? If so, which ones? Those that aren’t should be considered areas of enhancement under “New Activities” in this section.

Describe how you plan to enhance the ILP and/or the process of developing, using and revisiting it as the student moves through your program, if at all.

Assessment and

Describe how your program currently
documents student progress toward
education, career and life goals. How are
students assessed? How often are students assessed? How is learning documented? (Should include use of student portfolios)

Describe how your program plans to enhance
the assessment and learning process, if at all.

Career Advising

Describe how your program currently
provides advising to students-- who does it,
what are their qualifications, how often is it provided to students, what are the factors that drive the “advice” students receive, etc.

How does your program plan to enhance
advising, if at all?

NOTE: Programs have been told additional information and training will be provided by the State in this area. It may be that you will indicated in your plan that this area will be further developed upon further information and training from the State; however, there may be enhancements you wish to make in advance of this additional information and training.


Describe the type of instruction and
curricula your program currently uses to assist students in achieving their education,
career and life goals (this should include how career and academic skills and knowledge are integrated, how teaching is provided in a contextualized way, how curricula is aligned to common core [if it is] and the transition to next steps, and how the career context is determined).

Describe how you will enhance
instruction/curricula in your program, if at all.

NOTE: Many programs that have gone through this process have identified ways to integrate the career context. Also, many programs have indicated they will go through common core alignment of curricula once more resources and training have been provided (although some resources exist on this topic already). Some programs may choose to do this on their own through a standard process of aligning curricula to any set of standards (it’s good to do this to identify gaps in curricula that eventually need to be filled).

Support Services

What support services does your program
currently provide to students? How are they accessed? If partners are involved in providing any of these services, describe the nature of the partnership and how it is formalized.

Describe how existing support services will be
enhanced, if necessary, and any new support services that your program will attempt to establish to support student persistence toward education, career and life goals.