MEEC Meeting Agenda - October 12, 2012

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 103


  • Discuss potential measures of student learning for use in educator effectiveness systems and identify areas of agreement; pros, cons and concerns about various measures
  • Begin to discuss the next topic in the Decision Matrix ? the 4 levels of effectiveness;? determine what information is needed on this issue
  • Gather comments/recommendations to inform drafting of a report to the Legislature
  • Plans for the October 19th meeting; plans for meeting past the 19th


9:00 AM - Welcome, introductions, and overview of the agenda

9:05 - 9/28 meeting summary and updated decision-making matrix

9:15 - Explain matrix of potential student learning measures; members will record their initial thoughts about use of each measure for educator categories (green, yellow, red) on chart

9:45 - Identify areas of general agreement; areas of most disagreement; members to explain and discuss why members support/oppose/have concerns about each type of measure for each type of educator; explore potential use of measures as a way to collect evidence of professional practice as opposed to student learning measures

11:50 - Comments from the public

12:00 PM - Lunch

12:45 - Begin to discuss the 4 levels of effectiveness;? what do you know/like/dislike about other state models and how they combine professional practice and student learning to arrive at a summative effectiveness rating;? what information do you need to discuss the issue further ?

1:45 - Discuss preparation of report to the Legislature; what recommendations can be included; what other points are important to make

2:30 - Discuss October 19th meeting; schedule additional meetings?

2:45 - Comments from the public

3:00 - Closure