I&S Meeting Agenda - June 13, 2012

1:00 - 5:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 500


  1. Determine the process for deciding upon the Workgroup?s recommendations
  2. Review the non-negotiable aspects of the ESEA Flexibility application affecting the work of this group;
  3. Review and discuss intriguing ideas worth further exploration from Round I applicants
  4. Review the current system of interventions and supports for identified schools;
  5. Understand the range of flexibility provided under the waiver program;
  6. Begin to address the manner in which identified schools will be supported; and,
  7. Determine specific next steps related to the I & S Group and develop initial timeline


1:00 PM - Welcome, overview, and adjustments to the agenda

1:10 - Determine the decision-making process the group will follow to forward its recommendations to the Commissioner

1:20 - Reiteration of the AMO Workgroup?s charge and description of the non-negotiables with respect to certain elements in the ESEA Flexibility request

1:30 - Discussion of approaches used by other states: from your readings, what stood out for you as intriguing or worth further exploring?

2:15 - Review the intervention and support system currently in place

2:45 - Break

3:00 - Discussion with Steve MacDougall about the Oak Hill and Farwell improvement plans

3:30 - Examine the range of flexibility a waiver would provide in the area of interventions and supports* (time permitting, this will take place before the break)

3:45 - Continue to develop ideas, approaches, and preliminary decisions

4:45 - Closure: next steps and meeting schedule