Steering & Work Groups

To facilitate the work of crafting an improved accountability and improvement system, the Department, in consultation with stakeholders, established a Steering Committee and three work groups. These web pages include the membership, meeting agendas, notes, and materials from the groups.

  • Steering Committee provides overall guidance, coordinate the various elements of the proposal, and support the engagement of stakeholders.
  • Annual Measurable Objectives Work Group recommends: the mix of measures of student achievement and attainment: the annual targets for each content area, grade level, and student subgroups assessed in the accountability system; and the total number and name of overall school and district performance levels.
  • Interventions and Supports Work Group determines the theory of action guiding the interventions and supports schools in specific low-performing categories, and recommends the ways in which the DOE will support them.
  • Maine Educator Effectiveness Council recommends standards for implementing systems of evaluation and support for teachers and principals.