AMO Meeting Agenda - June 5, 2012

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 300

Outcomes - Goals for the meeting

  1. Determine the process for deciding upon the Workgroup’s recommendations;
  2. Review and discuss intriguing ideas worth further exploration from Round I applicants;
  3. Review the non-negotiable aspects of the ESEA Flexibility application affecting the work of this group;
  4. Review the fall 2011 ESEA Flexibility survey results and learn more about how Mainer’s view AMOs;
  5. Begin to address the manner in which student achievement ought to be measured in the accountability system;
  6. Determine specific next steps related to the AMO Group and develop initial timeline


8:00 AM - Welcome, overview, and adjustments to the agenda

8:10 - Determine the decision-making process the group will follow to forward its recommendations to the Commissioner

8:30 - Discussion of approaches used by other states: from your readings, what stood out for you as intriguing or worth further exploring?

9:00 - Reiteration of the AMO Workgroup’s charge and description of the non-negotiables with respect to certain elements in the ESEA Flexibility request

9:15 - Review of the fall 2011 ESEA Flexibility survey with emphasis on student learning measures and growth

10:00 - Break

10:15 - Discussion: Given the goal of reducing achievement gaps over six years in the required grade levels, how should we determine and measure proficiency? What role, if any, should growth play in the AMO model for Maine?

11:45 - Closure: next steps and meeting schedule

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 20, 2012; 12 – 4 PM; Cross Building Room 537