Test Administration

To ensure a standardized test administration, the Maine Department of Education, in collaboration with World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) and the testing vendor, MetriTech, has created materials to assist in the administration of the ACCESS for ELLs® (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners).

For test ordering questions, please contact MetriTech at 800-747-4868.

  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. The WIDA Consortium encourages the participation of all English learners in the ACCESS for ELLs® testing program and feels that it is an appropriate assessment for all students except those with the most significant disabilities. The ACCESS for ELLs® has built in certain standard features of the test that might lessen the need for accommodations. Testing accommodations are changes in the way a student is given a test or asked to respond to test questions, and they are meant to offset the challenges caused by a disability without changing what the test measures. Testing accommodations strive to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Decisions regarding which accommodations are allowable ultimately fall to the Maine DOE.
  • Instructions for Test Booklet Return. This seven-minute video demonstrates how districts should pack test booklets for return shipping to MetriTech.
  • Test Administration Manual. Contains everything test administrators need to know regarding the 2014-15 ACCESS for ELLs®.

2014-15 Testing Cycle

Task Start Date End Date
Test ordering by districts 10/01/14 10/17/14
Pre-ID labels ordered by State 10/20/14 10/20/14
MetriTech ships test materials to districts 11/17/14 11/21/14
Districts receive test materials 11/21/14 11/21/14
Test window 12/01/14 01/30/15
Districts pack and ship material to MetriTech 02/02/15 02/06/15
All material must be shipped to MetriTech 02/06/15 02/06/15
MetriTech ships reports to districts 04/06/15 04/10/15