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Cooperative Atlantic Salmon Research and Assessment

Atlantic salmon returns and angling catches in wild run rivers in Maine declined severely in the late 1980's and early 1990's. There were both freshwater and marine causes for this decline in salmon abundance.  NOAA Fisheries Service and the State of Maine agency responsible for Atlantic salmon management (Atlantic Sea Run Salmon Commission [ASRSC], Atlantic Salmon Authority [ASA], Atlantic Salmon Commission [ASC], and Department of Marine Resources [DMR] Bureau of Sea Run Fisheries and Habitat [BSRFH]) initiated a series of Cooperative Agreements that started in 1990.   Initially the agreements focused on documenting the capture of Atlantic salmon from Maine rivers by commercial fisheries in Canada and Greenland.  Once this was established, the agreement expanded to include assessing adult and juvenile populations in selected rivers and conducting research of mutual interest to understand freshwater constraints on population recovery.

This web page provides links to Co-operative Agreement Annual, Semi-annual, and Final Reports, and Management Highlights. Links to the most recent BSRFH protocols for conducting adult and juvenile assessments are also provided. 

Annual and Semi-annual Reports document activities in the previous year or six months, and were not intended to be independent (stand alone).  Comprehensive reports were produced at the end of each Co-operative Agreement or included as section or appendices at logical intervals.  Data from adult, juvenile, and smolt assessments are stored in databases that integrate with a Geographic Information System (GIS)-compatible library of place names and codes called MaineSalmon. In addition to sharing data with NOAA Fisheries Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service, these data were also transferred to the US Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee, included in regional databases, and used to develop annual assessments that are available online:

Cooperative Agreement Reports

Reports: 2006-2011

Reports: 1990-2005


Contact: Oliver Cox, Biologist, Sea-Run Fisheries and Habitat

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