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Attention Commercial Fishermen

USCG vessel inspection decalAs of October 16, 2012, The United States Coast Guard voluntary dockside safety exam becomes mandatory for all commercial State registered and federally documented fishing vessels operating beyond 3 nautical miles from the territorial sea baseline. This requirement was mandated by the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. This includes any full time commercial fishing vessel as well as recreational vessels while operating with a commercial permit to sell their catch. If you have a current decal, it will remain valid until the expiration date. For all other commercial F/Vs, you should schedule an exam in the near future. The Coast Guard will accommodate exam requests to the best of our ability with the proviso that there are approximately 6000-8000 vessels that may need exams. It should be stressed that currently there are no additional safety equipment requirements. There may be more in the future, but for now the decal will be issued based upon compliance with the safety regulations that have been in effect for 20 years.

The Coast Guard recognizes the hardships the fishing industry is currently facing and we will do all we can to facilitate implementation of this new mandate whose sole purpose is to make the industry a safer place to work.

Please contact the Coast Guard safety examiner nearest you from the list below for more information or to schedule an exam.

Dockside exams are free of charge.

Maine/New Hampshire:
Kevin Plowman 207-780-3256
Gerry Moores 207-838-4440

Newburyport, MA to Manomet, MA: John Buckley 617-223-3045
Provincetown MA to Watch Hill, RI Kevin Coyle 508- 991- 6812
Connecticut and Long Island Sound: Mark Dixon 203-468-4437
New York and New Jersey: MSSE2 Gilberto Gonzalez 718-354-2143

More Information:

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