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Dynamic Area Management Zone 

Effective 0001 hours January 14, through 2400 hours January 28, 2006

Dear ALWTRT Member or Interested Party:

On January 2, 2006, forty North Atlantic right whales were sighted in the proximity of 43° 15'N. lat. and 68° 43'W. long, southeast of Portland, Maine, which resulted in NMFS taking action under the Dynamic Area Management (DAM) program to provide protection for this aggregation of right whales. Lobster trap/pot and anchored gillnet fishermen will need to comply with the required gear modifications in an area (see below) for a 15-day period when the temporary rule is effective. **The regulations would apply to lobster trap/pot and anchored gillnet fishermen in an area totaling approximately 2,404 square nautical miles. Once effective, all anchored gillnet and lobster trap/pot gear must comply with the gear restrictions required to continue fishing in a DAM zone for the restricted time period. In addition, NMFS will require that no additional gear be set in the DAM zone during the 15-day period unless that gear has been modified accordingly.

Coordinates for the DAM Zone when effective are as follows:
43º 39´N., 69º 15´W (NW Corner)
43º 39´N., 68º 09´W
42º 49´N., 68º 09´W
42º 49´N., 69º 15´W

*Special note for gillnet fisherman: a portion of this DAM zone overlaps the year-round Cashes Ledge Closure Area found at 50 CFR 648.81(h). Due to this closure, sink gillnet gear is prohibited from this portion of the DAM zone.

For more information, contact:
Stephen Robbins, Dept. of Marine Resources at (207) 350-6014 (cell) or

Visit the NMFS site for further information: under "What's New." 

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