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Cobscook Bay Rockweed Management Area - Announcement by E-mail, May 29, 2009

From: Etnier, David
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 4:36 PM
Subject: Committee Amendment to LD 345

Seaweed Industry Members:

It appears that LD 345 may become law as early as next week. As soon as it does, and in order to facilitate the ability for any harvest in Cobscook this June, I will send out an email giving a date-certain by which any interested parties need to have met and agreed upon a harvest plan for the Bay. Please refer to the earlier sent Committee Amendment attachment for additional information about the number of "harvest management sectors" needed (minimum of 14) and the criteria for them. The time frame will be very short - perhaps a week - so I wanted to give you another heads up.

In addition I am attaching maps that I am in possession of that indicate the locations of various "public and private conservation areas, state parks" that will, in accordance with this new law, be closed to harvesting of rockweed. Labels in yellow are private conservation lands, while labels in red are State. There are no federal lands identified on these maps - although "federally owned lands" are also off limits. DMR will need to identify an areas of up to 30 acres that will be closed as well for the "purpose of research".

Thank you,

[David Etnier, DMR Deputy Commissioner]

[Cobscook Bay map with harvest sectors and conservation areas, jpg format, 1.2 MB.   Revised 8-23-09.  This map replaces the ones originally attached to this email below. ]

[Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Edmunds Division, PDF format, 1.54 MB added 6-17-09]

[Attachments to this email, replaced by the Cobscook Bay map above:

  • Central Bay map, PDF format, 77 kb
  • Northeastern Bay map, PDF format, 39 kb
  • Northwestern Bay map, PDF format, 62 kb
  • Northern Bay map, PDF format, 45 kb
  • Southeastern Bay map, PDF format, 52 kb
  • Southwestern Bay map, PDF format, 52 kb