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Maine Shellfish Growing Area Reports

Instructions and additional information

Please select a growing area name from the maps or from the table below, or scroll down the page to find the reports, listed from west to east.

Map of western Maine shellfish growing areas Area WA - Piscatqua River Area WB - York River Area WC - Cape Neddick Area WD - Wells Area WE - Cape Porpoise Area WF - Fortunes Rocks Area WG - Saco Bay Area WH - Spurwink River Area WI - Casco Bay Area WJ - Maquoit Bay Area WK - Quahog Bay Area WL - New Meadows River Area WM - Kennebec River Area WN - Sheepscot River Area WP - Boothbay Harbor Area WQ - Damariscotta River Area WR - Johns Bay Area WS - Muscongus Bay Area WT - Meduncook River Area WU - St. George River Area WV - Spruce Head Area WW - Western Penobscot Bay Area WY - Islesboro Area WZ - Fox Islands   Map of eastern Maine shellfish growing areas Area WX - Penobscot River Area EA - Bagaduce River Area EB - North Eggemoggin Reach Area EC - Deer Isle Area ED - Isle au Haut Area EE - Swans Island Area EF - Western Blue Hill Bay Area EG - Eastern Blue Hill Bay Area EH - Southwest Mount Desert Area EI - Frenchman Bay Area EJ - Gouldsboro Bay Area EK - Dyer Bay Area EL - Narraguagus Bay Area EM - Pleasant Bay Area EN - Jonesport, Beals Island Area EP - Englishman Bay Area EQ - Little Kennebec River Area ER - Machias Bay Area ES - Cutler Area ET - Cobscook Bay Area EU - St. Croix River

Links to Growing Area Reports Below
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growing area WC growing area WP growing area EB growing area EN
growing area WD growing area WQ growing area EC growing area EP
growing area WE growing area WR growing area ED growing area EQ
growing area WF growing area WS growing area EE growing area ER
growing area WG growing area WT growing area EF growing area ES
growing area WH growing area WU growing area EG growing area ET
growing area WI growing area WV growing area EH growing area EU
growing area WJ growing area WW growing area EI  
growing area WK growing area WY growing area EJ  
growing area WL growing area WZ growing area EK  


Tabulated data is current through December 2012

Growing Area Reports

GROWING AREA WA: Piscataqua River [Maine/New Hampshire border, Piscataqua River to Sisters Point, Kittery, including the Isle of Shoals]

GROWING AREA WB: York River [Sisters Point, Kittery to East Point, York]

GROWING AREA WC: Cape Neddick [East Point, York to Bald Head, York]

  • Annual Reports: 2006 (796 KB)
  • Triennial Reports (every three years)2007 (1,635 KB)  
  • Sanitary Survey reports (every 12 years): Coming soon
  • Tabulated Data: No active stations in this area

GROWING AREA WD: Wells [Bald Head, York to Cape Arundel, Kennebunkport]

GROWING AREA WE: Cape Porpoise [Cape Arundel, Kennebunkport to Timber Point (including Timber Island), Kennebunkport]

GROWING AREA WF: Fortunes Rocks [Timber Point, Kennebunkport to East Point, Fletcher Neck, Biddeford]

GROWING AREA WG: Saco Bay [East Point to the lookout tower, Prout’s Neck, Scarborough (including Stratton Island)]

GROWING AREA WH: Spurwick River [Lookout Tower, Prout’s Neck to McKenney Point, Cape Elizabeth]

GROWING AREA WI: Casco Bay [McKenney Point, Cape Elizabeth to Stockbridge Point, Freeport (including Mosher, Upper Green, Stockman and Bates Islands)]

GROWING AREA WJ: Maquoit Bay [Stockbridge Point to Potts Point, South Harpswell (including Haskell, Great Mark and Little Mark Islands and Drunkers Ledge)]

GROWING AREA WK: Quahog Bay [Potts Point to Fort Point, Cundy’s Harbor (including Long Reach, Sebascodegan)]

GROWING AREA WL: New Meadows River [Fort Point, Cundy’s Harbor to Small Point, Phippsburg (including Buttermilk and Doughty Coves)]

GROWING AREA WM: Kennebec River [Small Point, Phippsburg to east of Indian Point, Georgetown through Salter Island (including Fuller Rock); Rte. 127 bridge; Upper Hells Gate]

GROWING AREA WN: Sheepscot River [Indian Point, Georgetown through Salter Island; Rte. 127 bridge; Upper Hells Gate; Townsend Gut at Oak Point; Cape Newagen (including Cape Island, Southport)]

GROWING AREA WP: Boothbay Harbor [Cape Newagen, Southport (including The Cuckholds); Townsend Gut at Oak Point; to Linekin Neck, east of Ocean Point]

  • Annual Reports: 2006 (758 KB)
  • Triennial Reports (every three years): Coming soon
  • Sanitary Survey reports (every 12 years): Coming soon
  • Tabulated Data: No active stations

GROWING AREA WQ: Damariscotta River [Linekin Neck, east of Ocean Point, Rte. 96; the Gut, So. Bristol; Southeast tip of Rutherford Island, So. Bristol (including Turnip and Thrumpcap Islands)]

GROWING AREA WR: Johns Bay [Southeast tip of Rutherford Island to Pemaquid Point]

GROWING AREA WS: Muscongus Bay [Pemaquid Point to Martin Point, Friendship]

GROWING AREA WT: Meduncook River [Martin Point, Friendship; across Pleasant Point Gut; southeast tip of Gay Island, Cushing (including Monhegan Island)]

GROWING AREA WU: St. George River [Southeastern tip of Gay Island, Cushing; across Pleasant Point Gut to Marshall Point, St. George (including Hart Island)]

GROWING AREA WV: Spruce Head [Marshall Point, St. George to Owls Head]

GROWING AREA WW: Western Penobscot Bay [Owls Head to Squaw Head, Cape Jellison]

GROWING AREA WX: Penobscot River [Squaw Head, Cape Jellison to Dice Head, Castine]

GROWING AREA WY: Islesboro [Islesboro (including the islands from Seven Hundred Acre Island south to Mark Island)]

GROWING AREA WZ: Fox Islands [North Haven, Vinalhaven and vicinity (including Oak and Sheep Islands to the north and Matinicus Island to the south)]

GROWING AREA EA: Bagaduce River [Dice Head, Castine to Head of the Cape, Cape Rosier]

GROWING AREA EB: North Eggemoggin Reach [Head of the Cape, Cape Rosier to Naskeag Point, Brooklin; Brookville and Brooklin Shores to the middle of the reach]

GROWING AREA EC: Deer Isle [Deer Isle and surrounding islands within Hancock Co; to the middle of the Eggemoggin Reach]

GROWING AREA ED: Isle au Haut [Isle au Haut and surrounding islands in Knox County]

GROWING AREA EE: Swans Island [Swans Island and vicinity north to Pond Island, east to Gott Island, south to Frenchboro, Long Island and south to Marshall Island]

GROWING AREA EF: Western Blue Hill Bay [Naskeag Point, Brooklin to Burnt Point, Newbury Neck, Surry (including Long, Tinker, Bar, Trumpet and Ship Islands)]

GROWING AREA EG: Eastern Blue Hill Bay [Burnt Point, Newbury Neck; the causeway at Mount Desert Island Narrows to the eastern point forming Bennett Cove, Southwest Harbor]

GROWING AREA EH: Southeast Mount Desert Island [Eastern Point forming Bennett Cove, Southwest Harbor to Great Head, Bar Harbor (including the Cranberry Isles]

GROWING AREA EI: Frenchman Bay [Great Head, Bar Harbor; the causeway at Mt. Desert Island Narrows; to Schoodic Point]

GROWING AREA EJ: Gouldsboro Bay [Schoodic Point to Dyer Point]

GROWING AREA EK: Dyer Bay [Dyer Point to Petit Manan Point]

GROWING AREA EL: Narraguagus Bay [Petit Manan Point to Willard Point, Ripley Neck (including Hog and Bar Islands)]

GROWING AREA EM: Pleasant Bay [Willard Point, Ripley Neck to Cape Split, South Addison]

GROWING AREA EN: Jonesport – Beals Island [Cape Split, Addison to Henry Point, Jonesport (including Head Harbor Island)]

GROWING AREA EP: Englishman Bay [Henry Point, Jonesport to Sea Wall Point, Roque Bluffs]

GROWING AREA EQ: Little Kennebec River [Sea Wall Point, Roque Bluffs to Point of Main, Machiasport (including Hicky Island, Shag Ledge, and Scabby Ledge)]

GROWING AREA ER: Machias Bay [Point of Main, Machiasport (including Foster and Ram Island to Cape Wash, Cutler)]

GROWING AREA ES: Cutler [Cape Wash, Cutler to Mowry Point, Lubec]

GROWING AREA ET: Cobscook Bay [Mowry Point, Lubec to Shackford Head, Eastport]

GROWING AREA EU: St. Croix River [Shackford Head, Eastport to Calais]