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Fishing Year 2012

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Equal Initial Allocations

The fishing privileges associated with the MPBP permits were used to assist 18 vessels in Fishing Year (FY) 2012 who leased out a total of 728,114 lbs. of groundfish allocation of the available 1,011,731 lbs. A total of 617,964 lbs. of the lease out stock allocations was landed in Maine, leaving 393,768 lbs. unused, as it was either left in the respective Sectors (110,150 lbs.) or in the MPBP (283,618 lbs.) at the end of FY2012. In addition, 1,950 lbs. of scallop allocation associated with the MPBP’s Limited Access General Category Individual Fishing Quota (LA GC IFQ) permit was leased out to five Maine based vessels and this product was trucked back and sold in Maine. Total revenue generated during the reporting period was $36,364.52 ($34,414.52 from groundfish ACE and $1,950.00 from Scallop IFQ), while $9,979.03 was utilized to cover administrative costs for the program. Outreach on the program was conducted at a July 2012 Permit Bank Workshop hosted by Rhode Island Department of Fish and Game and the Maine’s Fishermen’s Forum. The MPBP operated under the November 2011 Memorandum of Agreement for the 2012 fishing year.

More details about the auction are available below, or by contacting DMR's Trisha Cheney De Graaf.