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Statement from Commissioner Keliher Regarding October 5, 2013 PETA Protest

Today’s protest by PETA is yet another misguided attempt to advance their agenda at the expense of Maine's most important coastal industry and the economy it supports. Rather than seeking to address issues through public discourse, PETA is using a publicity stunt to target a business and an entire industry that operate at the highest standards.

Our previously stated position that this company’s operations are compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, including Maine’s animal-welfare statute, was recently echoed by the Knox County DA’s decision that PETA’s claim had no legal merit. Experts in the field of biology, regulation, and law have all concluded that Linda Bean’s operation and all Maine lobster processors are fully compliant with Maine law.

Mainers take great pride in our work ethic and dedication to innovation and sustainable business practices. We also take offense to anyone who comes here with the sole purpose of undermining an industry that employs thousands of hard-working, dedicated professionals and has sustained a way-of-life for generations.

The Maine lobster industry is a state-of-the-art industry selling the best seafood in the world. Through its strict adherence to all laws and regulations, the Maine lobster-processor sector consistently demonstrates its commitment to food safety, and the freshness of Maine’s iconic lobster. The Maine lobster industry has also been recognized with the prestigious, international Marine Stewardship Council’s certification. MSC certification recognizes the Maine lobster industry’s longstanding practices of good stewardship. Today, Maine lobster is known around the world as a unique, high-quality product and those associated with this industry are recognized for their commitment to the highest standards of quality, from the trap to the table.

Patrick Keliher
Maine Department of Marine Resources