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Governor’s Task Force on the Economic Sustainability of Maine’s Lobster Industry - December 16, 2008 Meeting Agenda

DMR 3rd Floor Conference Room
2:00 pm

  1. 2:00-2:10 Welcome & Introductions
  2. 2:10-2:15 Additions/Changes to the Agenda
  3. 2:15-2:25 Review & Discussion of Task Force Charge
    2:25-2:30 Opportunity for public comment
  4. 2:30-3:15 Review & Discussion of draft Request for Proposals (RFP)
    3:15-3:30 Opportunity for public comment
  5. 3:30-4:15 Mapping out the work of the Task Force, January-April
    4:15-4:30 Opportunity for public comment
  6. 4:30-4:40 Set date(s) for next meeting(s)
  7. Adjourn


  1. Executive Order
  2. Draft RFP
  3. Letter from the Maine Import/Export Lobster Dealers Association
  4. Governor’s response to the Maine Import/Export Lobster Dealers Association
  5. Email from Dick Allen

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about the task force pages, please contact Deirdre Gilbert.