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Index to CDs for the Maine and NH Coastal Photo Set

The original images used were all taken from 1992 to 1997. Dates on Maine photos are found in the upper left corner of each photo. Original project numbers that include the flight line and photo number can be found in the upper right corner. 

Photographs are grouped up into 7 regions. The listing below defines these regions. 

Region 1:

All Coastal NH Pictures and Maine
1993 Lines 37-34
1995 Lines 1-17 

Region 2:

1993 Lines 22-33
1994 Lines 21e/w - 42 

Region 3:

1993 Lines 14-21
1994 Lines 14-20e/w
1995 Lines 1-16 

Region 4:

1992 Lines 48-66 

Region 5:

1992 Lines 46-47
1996 Lines 42n/s - 57 

Region 6:

1996 Lines 31-41n/s
1997 Lines 12-30 

Region 7:

1993 Lines 1-12
1994 Lines 1-13
1997 Lines 1-11



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