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Project Description 

The original photographs were vertical 9”x9” metric quality color transparencies shot with Kodak 2448 film. The photographs were scanned on a UMAX Mirage II, 12”x17”, flatbed scanner. Digital files TIFF files with a resolution of 600 dpi were created using Magic Scan image scanning software version 3.0.  The scanned images ranged in size from 85-90 MB and were in a 24-bit format.  TIFF file dimensions were on average 5372 by 5568 pixels.  Once the photos were scanned, TIFF files were converted to JFIF version 1.1 JPEG images and their resolution was reduced to 20% of the original resolution (5:1 compression) using PolyView version 3.40b4.  The new reduced resolution photographs were again formatted in PolyView and converted to thumbnails, which were resized to a width of 100 pixels.  The original scanned photographs were then backed up using Seagate’s Backup Exec version 2.0m on Travan 20 GB tapes. 

Image maps were created which allowed the reduced resolution JPEG images to be incorporated into a web page and on CDs for distribution to the Maine and NH spill response community.  To do this, flightlines were screen digitized in ArcView GIS 3.2 working from paper copies of each photo project index.  Flightlines were coded using project numbers and original line designations.  Once lines were digitized, nodes were created at intervals equal to the distance between photo-centers using the EditTools Ver. 1.0 ArcView extension by Ianko Tchoukanski.  Points were generated from nodes using the Xtools ArcView extension by Mike DeLaune.   Points were coded for project number, flightline and photo number. 

The ImageMapper 3.0 extension was used to create HTML image maps from ArcView project views.  The coast was divided up into 7 regions and an image map was created for each of these regions, using the photo-centers as links to the actual photographs.  This number of regions was chosen to allow mastering of the project on CDs.


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