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Maine believes that its healthcare system can improve the health of Maine people, advance the quality and experiences of healthcare, and reduce healthcare costs by 2016.  During the next three years, an unprecedented partnership among physical and behavioral health providers, public and private insurers, data and system analysts, purchasers, workforce developers, and Maine consumers will put this belief to the test through the Maine State Innovation Model (SIM).  Federal partners are confident in its potential and have funded Maine and five other states to each implement their state level healthcare innovation reform plan.

The Maine SIM intends to achieve the Triple Aim goals of improving the health of Maine’s population, improving the experience Maine patients have with their care, and reducing the total costs of care.  The model has a foundation in emerging healthcare initiatives, promising community-based demonstration projects, and evidence-based strategies that empower consumers with long-term health conditions.  The power of the innovation, however, comes from the concurrent application of existing efforts with enhanced investments, all within a shared commitment to accountability, transparency, and quality.

The SIM grant in some cases accelerates and broadens the current innovations occurring throughout Maine, and in other cases introduces new capabilities to Maine’s healthcare reform efforts.  SIM enables these innovative tests to more effectively determine what reform efforts are working, and, just as importantly, to determine what is not working as effectively as expected.

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