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The State of Maine believes that lasting, transformative change most effectively occurs through the development of a broad, highly credible, collaborative network that is passionate, engaged and empowered to influence reform action. The SIM Governance structure was designed toward that end, which is central to Maine’s SIM strategy success. It includes three multi-disciplinary subcommittees led by a Maine Quality Counts, a quality improvement organization, HealthInfoNet, Maine’s health information exchange, the Maine Health Management Coalition, Maine’s regional health improvement coalition, and patients and providers in all sixteen counties. The SIM Steering Committee is comprised of state-level leaders in health, public health, health technology, healthcare payers, and service delivery. The three subcommittees focus their activities to develop the physical and behavioral health workforce, apply social and financial incentives, leverage existing resources and initiatives, and collect and use cost and quality outcome data to inform practice, policy and payment.

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Maine SIM Leadership Team The Maine SIM Leadership Team has responsibility for policies, changes to the work plan, major shifts in resource allocation, and decisions requiring senior authority to make project changes and decisions. Members of the Leadership Team have been appointed by Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

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SIM Steering Committee The SIM Steering Committee includes representation from a broad range of stakeholders, ranging from the state’s Bureau of Insurance to a Medicaid member. The projects Steering Committee Chair will report on a bi-annual basis to the Governor and his Cabinet on the status of the SIM work and expectations for the next six months.

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Payment Reform Subcommittee The Payment Reform Subcommittee provides guidance and oversight to aspects of the SIM project that support the development and alignment of new payment models. This work includes ensuring the coordination of SIM activities that impact payment reform, developing consensus on core measures sets for ACO performance and public/provider reporting, and advising efforts to educate and engage the public around issues related to payment reform.

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Delivery System Reform Subcommittee The Delivery System Reform Subcommittee advises on SIM activities related to the scope of delivery system improvements and helps to ensure the coordination and comprehensiveness of key system delivery reform projects. It also helps to ensure that the SIM governance structure is informed on best practices and approaches to accomplish the SIM mission and vision, and identify key dependencies from other SIM subcommittees.

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Data Infrastructure Subcommittee The Data Infrastructure Subcommittee advises on SIM projects and objectives related to improving data infrastructure systems and technology across the state. Specifically, the committee advises on technical capabilities related but not limited to data infrastructure investments, use of national data standards and clinical and administrative data availability and interoperability. They will also advise the SIM partners and steering committees on areas of alignment of SIM data and analytics infrastructure activities with other public and private projects underway across the state.

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