Registration Procedures

All DHHS Employees are required to use the on-line registration system and use their TAMS number when signing up in place of a social security number.

Register "on-line" by selecting the "On-Line Registration" link, filling out the form and clicking Submit. This will automatically send your application to our Staff Education and Training E-mail box. For multiple classes you may click back on the back button icon back arrow graphic on the top of the page, and it will automatically have all your information in the application. From there all you will need to do is fill in the Class Name, Class ID #, Location, and Date and click submit. You may do this repeatedly until you have completed signing up for the classes you would like to attend. Please Do Not send duplicate applications as it creates confusion in the system. If you get into a program you will receive a confirmation notice. We do not send denial notices. You can view the attendance list by going to the Calendar and picking the month of the class and clicking on the class name.