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Title: Team Building & Problem Solving (Leadership Development Certificate Program)
Trainers: Bonnie Tracy
Date/Time: November 6, 2013 900am - 4:00pm
Hours: .6 CEU's

Department of Health and Human Services employees. Preference in enrollment for the individual classes will be given to those enrolling in the Certificate Program

Team Building The work environment has seen dramatic changes in the last 40 years. Chief of these changes is a trend towards working in teams instead of on individual assignments. Some organizations report incredible results in a team based culture such as improved quality, communication, and staff morale. Teams do not develop simply by putting groups of people together. In this session, participants will learn the stages of team development, the skills necessary for supervision at each stage and how the supervisor's role dramatically changes in a team driven culture. Research from various sources and examples of successful team based work environments will be shared.

Problem Solving for Supervisors

We work at DHHS with an incredible variety of customers, both internal and external. How can we apply problem solving steps so that we can get to superior customer service? In this session we will look at the steps to effective problem solving and how you can use those steps to make changes. The importance of employee involvement, data collection tools and data -based decision making will be stressed.This program is one of the required programs for the Leadership Development Certificate. (Optional Online Training)

City: Bangor
Class ID: C198 (Reference id: 555410)
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