Institutional Programs

Differential Substance Abuse Treatment (DSAT) in Maine Department of Corrections (DOC) Adult Facilities

DSAT is an evidence based addiction treatment program developed in partnership with the MDOC for adults involved with community corrections or incarcerated in an Adult institutional setting in Maine. DSAT is a differentiated group treatment program, which means men and women separated by gender and then again by severity level of their dependence on alcohol and/or drugs.

Maine Correctional Center, Windham

The Women’s Change Unit

This unit is housed at the Maine Correctional Center (MCC), Windham. For female inmates, this unit opened in August of 2002. The comprehensive DSAT substance abuse program on this unit takes into consideration current research on the specific needs of women in the criminal justice system and deals specifically with social and environmental factors, such as sexual abuse and abuse in intimate relationships, which have a profound affect on women’s addiction and recovery. It also takes into account the more rapid onset of addiction and tolerance in females due to their different biological/physiological and psychological makeup.

The Correctional RecoveryAcademy (CRA)

The CRA is a modified therapeutic community program for men in the Maine Correctional Center, Windham. Men in the CRA program are separated from the general population and spend about 9 months in this cognitive change community.

Central Maine Pre-Release Center

Men who complete the CRA DSAT program are transferred to the Maine Pre-Release Center and enter the Transitional Recovery Academy (TRA) DSAT program. The TRA is a three month program which combines continued alcohol and/or drug treatment with work release. Men at the TRA work on transition planning with staff and begin connecting with the community based treatment programs that will support reentry into the community upon release from prison.

Downeast Correctional Facility

DSAT services are provided to male inmates at the Downeast Correctional Facility (DCF). Men in this program receive treatment while living within the general population.

Charleston Pre-Release Center

DSAT services will also be provided to male inmates at the Charleston Correctional Facility. Men in this program will receive treatment during the last 6 months prior to their release.

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