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Men's Community Treatment Program (Level 4)

Maintenance Phase

DSAT Program Documents


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1 SC Deciding to Stay Clean Staying Clean-S Staying Clean-S
2 RPG Revisiting Personal Goal Setting RevisitGoals-S RevisitGoals-S
3 SOC Understanding Stages of Change Stages-S Stages-S
4 PS Building a Personal Support Network PersonalSupport-S PersonalSupport-S
5 WC Wallet Card and Community Resources WalletCard-S WalletCard-S
6 CON Conversation Skills Converse-S Converse-S
7 RL Reflective Listening Skills ReflectiveListen-S ReflectiveListen-S
8 SCR Interpersonal Skills for Close Relationships CloseRelations-S CloseRelations-S
9 UWE Understanding the Work Environment UnderstandWork-S UnderstandWork-S
10 IJS Improving Job Skills ImproveJobs-S ImproveJobs-S
11 LB Achieving a Leisure Balance LeisureBalancel-S LeisureBalancel-S
12 RS Refusal Skills/Relapse Prev pt 1 Refusal Part1-S Refusal Part1-S
13 RP Refusal Skills/Relapse Prev pt 2 Refusal Part2-S Refusal Part2-S
14 VAL Values and Decision Making Values-S Values-S
15 CAP Communicating with Authorities and Professionals CommwAuthorities-S CommwAuthorities-S
16 CRV Dealing with Cravings Cravings-S Cravings-S
17 CT Constructive Thinking ConstructThink-S ConstructThink-S
18 LC The Learning Cycle LearningCycle-S LearningCycle-S
19 RT Relaxation Techniques Relaxation-S Relaxation-S
20 EMS Developing an Emotions Management Strategy EmotionManage-S EmotionManage-S
21 SM Slip Management Slip Management-S Slip Management-S
Daily Feedback Form and Decisional Balance Sheet SC-1 Staying Clean-S Staying Clean-S
Entire Set of Materials (Sessions 1-10)   mcm4-S

Last updated: 1/05

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