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The Maine Approach

ELEMENT 10 - Program Evaluation


Evaluation is the collection, appraisal and subsequent use of information about programs.

Prevention programs are being implemented in many schools and communities, often with limited funds. Program assessment can improve program operation, resource management. and accountability.

Evaluation of a program must begin when it is designed. Prevention and education programs are evaluated by process, outcome and impact techniques.

PROCESS EVALUATION is an assessment describing and documenting what actually was done, how much, when, for, and by whom.

OUTCOME EVALUATION is an assessment of ways in which participants of a program can be expected to change at the conclusion of that program (i.e. Did the program meet stated goals and objectives?)

IMPACT EVALUATION is an assessment of what the long term or "ripple" effect of the programs might be.

Evaluation must be infused throughout the program design. It is ongoing and is the basis upon which modifications are made and growth can be measured. COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS WHICH PLACE A HIGH PRIORITY ON EVALUATION ARE MORE EFFECTIVE IN HELPING TO ACHIEVE THE DESIRED RESULT: SAFE, DISCIPLINED, AND DRUG-FREE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES.


(Rating your understanding from 1 to a high of 5 may help you in your planning and evaluation.)

_____ An evaluation process is in place prior to all program implementation
_____ Ongoing data collection and analysis are taking place.
_____ All prevention and education programs and activities include an evaluation component linked to outcomes and based upon identified needs.
_____ Evaluation criteria exist for each element of "THE MAINE APPROACH''.
_____ Short and long term process, outcome and impact measures are identified

Process evaluation examines

_____ Target population, numbers of people served, etc.
_____ Personnel operating the program
_____ Services delivered
_____ Use of resources(staff, physical plant, AV materials, finances, etc.)

Outcome evaluation includes assessment of:

_____ The degree of how well stated goals and objectives are being met
_____ Changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors
_____ The utilization of anecdotal information, pre-/post-tests, surveys, observation

Impact evaluation examines:

_____ The overall effect on community
_____ The measure of related crime activity, social policy change, etc.. over time (incidence/prevalence surveys, epidemiological studies, etc.)
_____ Appropriate stakeholders (depending upon the program or service) are involved in the design and implementation of the evaluation instruments.

Evaluation is used to manage prevention activities:

_____ To focus projects or program goals
_____ To improve service delivery
_____ To provide accountability
_____ To provide information for dissemination
_____ To lead, guide, and facilitate future programming
_____ Baseline data are obtained, when appropriate, prior to the implementation and presentation of a prevention program in order to measure new learning(pre-/post- tests).
_____ Evaluation ties results to specific risk, protective, and resiliency factors for the individual, family, school, and community.
_____ Evaluation measures focus on changing information, attitudes and behavior regarding use and abuse of ATOD.
_____ Findings from evaluation efforts are reported to the appropriate parties, including sponsoring agencies, the public, program participants and other stakeholders.
_____ A school/community team retreat is held annually for evaluation and planning purposes.
_____ Evaluation provides valid, reliable Information and is replicable.

Revised March 1995.

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