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Subcommittee and Coordinating Committee Members


Coordinating Committee

Emanuel Pariser, Chair

Rep. Michael Brennan, Co-Chair

Sen. Beverly Daggett, Co-Chair

Patricia Conner

Paul McDonnell

Rep. Harry True

Lynn Duby, OSA Director

Children and Youth Subcommittee

Raymond C. Cook, Chair

Raquel Boehmer

Michael Clifford

Susan Ann Gendron

William Earle

Margaret Jones

Joanne Joy

Rep. Wendy Pieh

Rep. Judith Powers

Rep. Harry True

Margaret Wilson

William Lowenstein, OSA Staff

Public and Private Partnerships Subcommittee

John Coffey, Chair

Rep. Paul Chartrand

Rep. Peter Cianchette

Rep. Thomas Davidson

Dr. Ray Fannin, Jr.

Dana Mosher

Rep. Thomas Murphy

Ross Pears

Neil Rolde

Kimberly Williams

Cherry Denno, OSA Staff




Continuum of Care Subcommittee

Rep. Joe Brooks, Co-Chair

Sandra Scott, Co-Chair

John Attean Davis, Sr.

Bob Duranleau

David Green

Layne Gregory

Ellis King

Gail MacMullen

Paul McDonnell

Emanuel Pariser

Luanne Rhoades

Carol Solouki

Marjorie Stone

Brenda Wentworth

Priscilla Williams

Joanne Ogden, OSA Staff

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee

Sen. John Benoit, Co-Chair

Patricia Conner, Co-Chair

Nanci Bouchard

David McDermott

John McElwee

Rep. Julie OíBrien

Chief Steven Roberts

Carl Mowatt, OSA Staff

Office of Policy & Legal Analysis Staff

Danielle Tetreau Fox

Colleen McCarthy Reid

Office of Substance Abuse Staff

Lynn Duby, Director

Earle Simpson

Marya Faust

Diana Scully, Consultant

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