Think Again Video

The “Think Again” campaign, a series of 4 television ads featuring Maine youth, has been airing throughout 2002. A new 6-minute video produced by the same marketing company that created the ads incorporates additional footage with the ads to delve into some of the issues around underage drinking in more depth.

To view the video on line choose one of the following links:

Think Again Video - low band

Think Again Video - high band

The conceptual model represented by the theme “Think Most Kids Drink? Think Again!” is grounded in research that demonstrates the importance of perceived social norms in young people’s decisions about alcohol use. For a variety of reasons, including a barrage of media messages that glamorize alcohol use, young people often over perceive these norms. Their mistaken belief that “everybody else is drinking” leads to a subtle pressure to conform to a norm that doesn’t exist in reality.  The fact is that most middle and high school students in Maine are not using alcohol.

Video Discussion Guide to accompany the video for classroom or small group use. 

MSWord Discussion Guide

PDF Discussion Guide

Copies of the “Think Again” video are available for loan from the Office of Substance Abuse, Information and Resource Center (IRC).  Educators are encouraged to reserve copies early if the desired viewing period includes Alcohol Awareness Day/Week.  To reserve a copy, call the IRC at 1-800-499-0027 or submit a request form online at