Project Sticker Shock - Important Guidelines

Groups implementing Project Sticker
  Shock follow these guidelines:

  • Stickers should be placed on multi-packs, not directly on bottles or cans.
  • Stickers should not cover brand names or bar codes.
  • Place only one sticker per multi-pack.
  • Youth should be supervised by adults (chaperones and store staff) at all times in the store.
  • Ask the store staff if they have any specific requests, expectations, or restrictions about where/how stickers should be applied.
  • If packages must be moved to apply stickers, only adults over age 21 and/or store employees should handle the alcohol.
  • For youth groups implementing Project Sticker Shock, adult coordinators/teachers should ensure that youth under 18 have parental permission to participate in the project.

 Note: Whenever youth are stickering beer, an adult chaperone must be present to supervise. This is crucial for many reasons, including the need to ensure that you are not criticized for breaking the law yourselves, since the handling of alcohol by minors is also prohibited by law (unless it is in the scope of employment).