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Employer Post Cards/Monkey Series

Two different post cards address common misperceptions about workplace substance abuse. Office Worker/Monkey addresses the "my business doesn't have a substance abuse problem." and Construction Worker/Monkey confronts "what my employees do on their time is none of my business."

Office Worker postcard thumbnailOffice Worker/Monkey (PDF)

Construction Worker/Monkey (PDF) Construction worker postcard thumbnail

Employer Post Cards/Missing Series

Five industry-specific post cards to encourage adoption of a substance abuse policy. Wait Staff, Clerical Worker, Construction Worker, Office Worker and Warehouse worker all address what happens to the bottom line when employees either don't show up, or show up either hungover or impaired.

*Missing Waitstaff

*Missing Construction Worker

*Missing Office Worker

*Missing Warehouse Worker

*Missing Clerk/Retail Worker

Employee Posters

Employee Posters - two-sided 8 ½ by 11 poster can be customized with employee assistance information and local resources for employees who may need help. The poster helps support the workplace's efforts to implement a comprehensive has a substance abuse policy.

Office Worker poster thumbnailOffice Worker/Monkey (Color PDF | B&W PDF)

Construction Worker/Monkey (Color PDF | B&W PDF) Contruction Worker Poster thumbnail

Display Board

A three-paneled display has been created to be used at conferences, meetings, and business-related trade shows.

Display Rack Card

A two-sided rack card that can be handed out in conjunction with the WorkAlert Display.


Radio Ads

Series of three 60 second radio spots that can be downloaded for local use. The messages employ humor to address the serious issue of workplace substance abuse. The call to action is to Employers to visit the WorkAlert website to develop a policy. Local versions can also be downloaded which allow time for a local tag line.

Brad's Monkey (mp3)

Steve's Out Again (mp3)

Melanie's Hangover (mp3)

Print Ads

Print ads are available in three versions and in two sizes for each ad (10"wide by 3.375" high & 7.5" wide by 9.75" high)

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

Where Are They?

*What's the Hit to YOUR Bottom Line?

Online Ads

Online ads are available in two versions, Construction Worker/Monkey Skyscraper and Wake Up & Smell the Coffee Leader Board. Clicking on the ads sends viewers to the website. Samples are viewable below, as well as a .zip file you can use on a web page.

Skyscraper advertisementMonkey Skyscraper: .jpg static larger view | .zip file

Coffee Leader Board


Instructions for downloading animated, Flash Leaderboard/Skyscraper Online Ad files: Download (save) the .zip file to your hard drive. Expand the .zip file by double-clicking. Two files are in the folder, the .swf file and the .js file both need to be posted to your web server and the .swf ad file goes in your .html page.

* planned and in process. Will upload when available.

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Documents in PDF format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Printouts of these documents are also available upon request .