Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Project (HEAPP)

Maine’s Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Partnership (HEAPP) began in 2003 andis a program collaboratively developed between the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and many of Maine’s colleges and universities to bring about long-term, systemic change in how high-risk drinking and other substance abuse issues among Maine college/university students are addressed at both the state and local levels.  In order to address these multiple levels of the environment, HEAPP’s program plan includes strategies and tactics which occur at multiple levels: a) local-level and b) state-level.  Strategies and activities of the statewide initiative aim to engage all colleges and universities in Maine that are interested in addressing high-risk student drinking so that the non-campus specific environmental factors and capacity for evidence-based prevention may be improved.  The Partnership’s part-time staff person coordinates statewide trainings, provides technical assistance, and disseminates information and materials for college students, parents, faculty/staff, and local law enforcement statewide.
Some Maine colleges and universities self-select to participate in HEAPP’s mini-grant program and use the funding to implement evidence-based strategies such as:

  • Developing/enhancing a campus-community coalition focused on high-risk drinking
  • Identifying and addressing aspects of the campus and community environment that encourage high-risk drinking such as alcohol availability and advertising
  • Implementing social norms marketing campaign to correct exaggerated misperceptions of student drinking patterns,
  • Visibly enforcing campus policies and state laws related to underage drinking and furnishing of alcohol to underage students
  • Addressing problematic student drinking using online screening and intervention tools

For more information on HEAPP, please contact:

Rebecca Ireland
Manager, Maine's Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Implementation Initiative & Director, Maine's Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Partnership
c/o Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, DHHS
41 Anthony Avenue, SHS#11
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207)287-6479
Fax: (207)287-8910
E-mail: Rebecca.Ireland@maine.gov