Cultural Competency 12/18/2008 Webinar Training

Incorporating Cultural Competency Into your Organization - Presentation


Checklist to Facilitate Culturally and Linguistically Competent Policies and Structures


Checklist for Inclusion of those with Disabilities


Cultural Competency Assessment Tool

Word PDF

Sample Culturally Competent Policy

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November 13, 2008
Substance Abuse Prevention Provider Conference
Breakout Sessions
From Intervention to Treatment to Recovery: How does prevention fit into each?

Service to Science

Engaging the Medical Community

Intervening and Diverting: Diversion programs in Maine

Fidelity and Adaptation: How to adapt a strategy to meet the needs of the target group.

Engaging Retailers and Bar Owners to Affect Price and Promotions

Evaluation Planning Across the Continuum
Marketing Your Coalition

For information and handouts from the November 14 2008 Substance Abuse Prevention Convention go to

Substance Abuse Prevention 2008 Conference Call Series
YAP Work on Substance Abuse Prevention - 6/19/08 WAV PDF RTF
Card ME - 5/15/2008 Recording of Call WAV
Affecting Price and Promotion - 4/17/2008 Handout

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Working with Colleges - 3/25/2008 Notes Word PDF
Parent Media Campaign - 2/26/2008 Notes Word PDF

Substance Abuse and the Workplace - 1/17/2008
No notes or audio are available from the call.  For resources: OSA Substance Abuse and the Workplace.


Implementing Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies
The November 8, 2007 training for OSA grantees: provided a broad overview of resources and tools to assist with implementation of evidence-based strategies.
Agenda and Handouts Word PDF
Introduction to Environmental Strategies, CMCA, & CTI PowerPoint PDF
Underage drinking, access PowerPoint PDF
Workplace Substance abuse Prevention PowerPoint PDF
Prescription Monitoring Program PowerPoint PDF
Parent Media Campaign   PowerPoint PDF


Learning Communities 2-Day Training, Spring 2007 - Presentations and Worksheets

Powerpoint Presentations for Prevention Providers

Course Offerings:

The site is helpful in finding future trainings being held throughout Maine. The Northeast Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies offers on-line courses in many of these skill areas.