Resources for Promoting Maine's Prescription Monitoring Program

Maine's Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a tool created to prevent and detect prescription drug misuse and diversion. PMP maintains a database of all transactions for controlled substances dispensed in the State of Maine. This database is available online to prescribers and dispensers. A free service of the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS) in the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, the PMP database is quickly becoming a standard tool for clinicians to provide better care to their patients throughout the state.

Basic Information

Overview Brochure – January 2013 (PDF)

All of the information needed for someone to register and log in is available at

Powerpoint for promoting Maine's Prescription Monitoring Program: Using the PMP to Improve Patient Care (pdf, 12 kb --supporting HMP strategy 5.1)

Maine Prescription Monitoring Program: Healthy Maine Partners Training (webinar) (Presented by John Lipovsky and Eriko Farnsworth of the Maine PMP, Nov 12, 2013) Accompanying powerpoint in PDF.

Registration Data

Many Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMP) have chosen to promote registration among health care providers as a tool to improve health care.  SAMHS has created a chart with total prescriber registration within each county.  This chart lists the total prescriber registration by county at given point across time.  These totals will be updated in this file on a quarterly basis. Registered prescribers by county chart (PDF).

A few words of guidance for interpreting this report

This report is provided to indicate the level of use in the given HMP service area. It is not intended to be used for comparisons between HMP service areas. The intent of this report is to give HMP's a tool for tracking their own progress over time. HMP's vary widely by size, demographics, and number of health care professionals.


  • Registered Requesters: the total number of health care professionals registered as data requesters in the given HMP service area
  • Dispenser: pharmacist data requesters
  • Prescriber: Dentist, Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, Osteopathic Dorctor, Physician Assistant, and Podiatrist data requesters
  • Active Requesters: the number of requesters in each category who actually requested patient history reports during the time period specified at the top of the report
  • # of Reports: the count of reports requested by the active users in the given category during the specified time period
  • Rx Count: the number of prescriptions that appeared on the reports in the previous column
  • Other-ME: for requesters who are not in towns covered by HMP service areas
  • Other-Non-ME: for requesters who live outside of Maine


Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the PMP or prescription drug abuse generally, you may contact the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services at 207-287-2595 or

Further Information

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