Workforce Development Events, 2010

Substance Abuse Prevention 2010 Conference Call Series
Substance Abuse Prevention – What’s Next - 5/20/10 Call Minutes PDF
HEAPP & EUDL Updates - 4/15/10 Call Minutes PDF
Using Student Survey Data - 3/18/10

Presentation PDF
Understanding MIYHS Data PDF
Trend Data PDF
HS 44 Report Example PDF
Call Minutes PDF

Evaluating Your Efforts - 2/18/10

Presentation PDF
Guide to Evaluation & Planning PDF

Connecting for Alcohol-Free Youth: A Parent Discussion Facilitator Guide - 1/14/10

Parent Guide doc
Pilot Parent Discussion doc
Timeline doc
Parent Discussion FAQ doc


Workforce Development Events, 2009

Sixth Annual OSA Prevention Provider Day
Maine's Prevention Workforce: Learning, Sharing, Developing, & Working
November 5, 2009

Copies of Presentations from this event may be downloaded at


Substance Abuse Prevention 2009 Conference Call Series
School & Evidence-Based Programs- 9/24/09 School EBP Guide PDF

Reducing Pricing & Promotions that Encourage High Risk Drinking - 6/18/09

P&P Guide PDF
Call Notes PDF
Handouts PDF

Facilitating Great Coalition Meetings - 5/21/09

Call Notes PDF
Templates PDF
Balancing Decisions PDF
Handouts PDF

Substance Abuse & the Workplace Updates - 4/16/09

Call Notes PDF
Work Alert Tools PDF
Work Alert Media Buys PDF

Media Advocacy for Underage Drinking Prevention - 3/19/09

Presentation PDF
Media Interview Tips PDF
Media Directory PDF
Sample Advisory PDF
Notes PDF

Working with Healthcare Providers to Address Underage drinking and Parental Monitoring - 3/3/09 Word PDF


Cultural Competency 3/4/2009 Webinar Training
Addressing Cultural Nuances to Increase Merchant Engagement & Compliance PPT PDF
Points to Consider: Questions to ask yourself Word PDF
Rural Culture is a Diversity Issue (journal article) PDF


Previous Workforce Development Events, 2007-2008

Powerpoint Presentations for Prevention Providers

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