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A requirement in the SPF SIG grant is 85% of the funding must be used for local projects and strategies. To do this Maine’s SPF SIG will be issuing a series of RFP’s related to the 5 SPF steps. Initial phases of funding will be around needs assessment, capacity building, and strategic planning (which will include issues of cultural competency and long term sustainability). The next phase of funding will be on implementation of some of the substance abuse related priorities in strategic plans that align with the state SPF SIG substance abuse prevention strategic plan. Through out all phases of funding evaluation will be included to review effectiveness of policies, practices, and programs.

Beginning July 2005 through June 2007 the Maine SPF SIG will be funding a study on eight coalitions in Maine with a proven track record of sustainability and effectiveness, this study is known as the Maine Unified Governance Structure Study. Also funding studies on six Cultural Subpopulations in Maine, including 2 on persons 65 year of age and older, two on distinct 18 to 25 year old populations, one on 18 to 29 GLBTQ/Q population, and one on the Sudanese and Cambodian populations.

Beginning September 2006 through June 2007 the Maine SPF SIG will be funding eleven Counties to do County level Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment, and Strategic Planning (SPEP), as well as five Counties to do County-wide Environmental Strategies targeting underage drinking.

For highlights of what the many SPF SIG work groups are working on please see the monthly project summaries.