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To see what the workgroups have been working on see Monthly Project Summaries.

Strategic Prevention Framework Advisory Board (SPF AB) – Formerly known as the strategies for healthy youth group. Serve in an advisory capacity to OSA and the Children’s Cabinet on the SPF-SIG initiative, including building consensus across multiple perspectives to help shape the direction and activities of the grant, as well as review of products developed by the subcommittee and OSA staff for recommendation to the Children’s Cabinet, as appropriate.

Collaborate between programs and systems that have inter-related prevention goals, in order to maximize efficiencies and opportunities for integration.

Organizational members include:

  • Teen and Young Adult Health Program
  • Maine Office of Substance Abuse
  • Maine Community Health Promotion Program
  • US Department of Justice
  • Maine DEA
  • Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Partnership
  • Maine Children’s Trust
  • Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Healthy Maine Partnership
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Maine Suicide Prevention Program
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Service, Mental Health
  • Hornby Zeller Associates
  • Maine Department of Education
  • Maine Association of Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Corrections, Communities for Children and Youth
  • Maine Coordinated School Health Program
  • Maine Department of Corrections, Juvenile Justice
  • Healthy Androscoggin, Alcohol Enforcement Investigator
  • Maine Poison Control

Executive Management Team (EMT) – Functions in project oversight; updating and feedback from Office of Substance Abuse ( OSA) staff; provide coordination with OSA programs; provide input into the development of the strategic plan.

Members include:

  • SPF SIG Coordinator
  • SPF SIG Prevention Specialist
  • SPF SIG Epidemiologist
  • Prevention Team Manager
  • Worksite Prevention Coordinator
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Staff
  • Information and Resource Center Coordinator
  • Maine Office of Substance Abuse Director
  • Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Coordinator
  • Hornby Zeller Associates Evaluator
  • Prevention Center of Excellence Member, as needed

State Epidemiological Workgroup (SEW) – Consisted of a network of individuals and organizations who are knowledgeable about substance abuse prevention issues and data. Between 2004 and 2006, the SEW conducted a data review and analyses on the consumption, causes, and consequences of substance use to guide prevention decision-making. In the fall of 2007, data members of the SEW merged in with Maine’s Community Epidemiology Surveillance Network (CESN) to reduce duplication between what the SEW was doing and what the CESN will be doing. The members of SEW who were program and prevention practitioners merged into the SPF SIG Advisory Board. The new merged group will meet January/February 2008.

Community Epidemiology Surveillance Network (CESN) – The states epidemiological workgroup merged in with the CESN. The primary objectives of this group aligned well with the past SEW and include: to identify drug abuse patterns in defined geographical areas; establish drug abuse trends; detect emerging substances; and provide information for policy development and program planning. Members include:

  • Maine Office of Substance Abuse
  • Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Maine Department of Public Safety
  • Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory
  • Maine Office of the Attorney General
  • Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner
  • Maine Opiate Treatment Providers Association
  • Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy, University of Maine
  • Northern New England Poison Control Center
  • Portland Department of Public Health
  • SPF SIG Evaluators
  • Maine Department of Transportation
  • New England Drug Enforcement Agency