Meth Watch Program

Meth Watch ProgramAs of November 1, 2005 a Maine law was enacted to prevent the home manufacturing of methamphetamine in our state. The law requires many cold and allergy pills containing pseudoephedrine to be placed behind the counter or in a locked cabinet in a pharmacy. This legislation also required the Office of Substance Abuse to create the Maine Meth Watch Program.

While retail involvement is key,  Meth Watch is a voluntary program that involves many people at the community and state level, including law enforcement, state and local public officials, the national guard, community activists, and drug prevention personnel.   Maine chose to implement the Meth Watch Program because it has been proven to mobilize communities and retailers around preventing the spread of methamphetamine abuse and manufacturing in their communities. In other states, where theft of precursor ingredients was rampant, retailers participating in the Meth Watch program reported safer stores, better customer relations, increased employee awareness, improved communications with law enforcement and a decrease in loss from theft.

Would you like to know more? Our goal is to raise awareness about methamphetamine and the signs of use and manufacture across the state. We can provide resources and educational materials to retail employees and community members. To find out more about the Maine Meth Watch Program, please call (207) 621-8118.